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RSS feeds

OPAC users can use this feature to have an RSS feed sent to them when there are new titles added to the library.

Go to New Resources on the OPAC page, expand the list and click Titles. When the browser takes you to the recent titles list, click the RSS button at the top right hand corner of the page.

RSS feeds can be added from several OPAC pages.

  • All pages under New Resources.
  • Bibliographic search pages.
  • SDI profiles.
  • Community Information.

After clicking the  button you’ll be prompted to subscribe to the feed, for example:

Checking feeds from Internet Explorer or Firefox

To see any feeds from IE7 or later, click the Favourites button and you’ll see a list of subscribed feeds listed under Feeds.

In Firefox, the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to will be saved under Bookmarks > Bookmark Toolbar.

Other browsers should have RSS Feeds listed according to their own lists of features.

Checking feeds from MS Outlook

Feeds subscribed to from Internet Explorer will appear in Outlook.

To display these in MS Outlook, go to Tools > Options, click the Other tab, and then click Advanced Options under General.

Then select Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed list and Any RSS Feed item that is updated appears as a new item.

Any new or updated RSS feeds will then appear in MS Outlook under the Mailbox.

Note You can download any RSS feeder, but if you have Internet Explorer 7 onwards or MS Outlook 2007 this isn’t necessary. RSS Feeds subscribed to from Firefox do not display correctly through Outlook. So if RSS Feeds are to be viewed through MS Outlook, the recommended browser is Internet Explorer.

Compiled from information provided for training purposes by Civica Library & Learning.