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Author Visit Rosamund Bartlett  Tolstoy: A Russian Life

You are invited to meet author & Russian expert Rosamund Bartlett at Orange City Library on Wednesday 2 February from 5.30pm when she talks about her biography of Russian author Leo Tolstoy. She draws extensively on the many fascinating new sources which have been published about Tolstoy since the collapse of Communism to write about one of the most compelling, maddening, brilliant and contrary people who has ever lived.
Her books include her acclaimed Chekhov: Scenes From a Life (2004) and her forthcoming new translation of Anna Karenina for Oxford World's Classics.
Please RSVP to 6393 8132.

Summer Read Party and Book Reviews

Congratulations to all our Summer Read participants and winners. It was great to hear about the books you all enjoyed most. We have added the reviews to our library catalogue, so check them out including these book titles:

In the Wings, City of Glass, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Old Tucker Man, Just Disgusting, UFO: Unavoidable Family Outing, Matilda, The Summer of Riley, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Vampire Virus, Cherry the Fairy Cake, and Ms Todd is Odd!. Please note the Reviews have been added under our Reading & Writing Coordinator's name – Jasmine, but the reviewers name appears at the end of each review.

And the following books have been suggested to the Library to purchase:

Roll Over Pavlova compiled by June Factor and illustrated by Annie Marshall.
Rating 8/10. In my reading record I read Roll Over Pavlova. I thought it was the best. It is funny and fun. It has jokes, rhymes and children's songs published in Australia in 2004 by Brolly Books. By Julia.

My Best Friend by Gabby Goldsack. Rating 9/10. Sarah and Emily are best friends. They go and do everything together. One day after a great holiday Sarah and Emily hear some terrible news. Sarah was moving! Would the two girls still be best friends? Read the book to find out. By Emily.

Duck Under the Table complied by Gwenda Beed Davey and Illustrated by Peter Viska
The book I liked the most of all the books I have read so far is Duck Under the Table. The part I liked the most is where the boy dresses up as a lady and the lady dresses up as a man. By Emily S.

Fact File Egypt. Rating 10 out of ten because it is fact file book with stickers, pictures, a story, has cards in it, had a cardboard headdress that Egyptian Gods wear. By Max.

Summer Read Writing Workshops

Thank you to everyone who came along to the writing workshops as part of our Summer Read activities. Pictured above is local author and workshop leader Angela Hammond with participant Alex.

Here is an extract from Alex's story:
“A charm of healing in my backpack and an axe by my side, there is no way I can fail. As I arrive to the battle plains, I fear I am too late. Very few are still fighting, but even they are weak at best. I rummage through my pack yearning to feel the cold stone of the charm. I find it and start treating as many wounded soldiers as possible. Most call me their saviour, whilst others curse at me saying I give them back the pain. I don't give back pain, I can only heal.” Stay tuned for more stories.

Aboriginal Storyteller Larry Brandy Entertains

Larry Brandy visited the Cowra on Friday entertaining an audience of 30 adults and children. He then was commissioned to perform again that afternoon at the Retirement Village and did so.

There were many positive comments about his act and we would highly recommend him for future engagements. Chidren enjoyed being emus and kangaroos during his presentation. He is an affable fellow and has an interesting collection of Wiradjuri artefacts which also fascinated our guests. Thank you Larry and everyone for coming along.

Scary Good Times at Cowra

Scary books are flying out the door as Cowra Library's scary holiday theme and summer reading hots up. Scary and magic things have been happening at Cowra Library with everything from magic tricks to storytelling, spooky crafts, dance and grand finale magic show. And
this week coinciding with the visit of the Wizard of Oz stage show to town, the Library will have Oz books, games and puzzles available for use. Come in and have some holiday fun!