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Sallyanne and crowd 2 (Small)

Large Crowd for Sallyanne Pisk





Dietitian and nutritionist Sallyanne Pisk attracted a large crowd interested in health and wellbeing when she spoke at Orange City Library on Thursday night. Sallyanne, who is an advocate of eating and living mindfully, launched her book Eating For You. She also answered many questions from the audience. Thank you for coming along.

Wrap With Love Label (Small)

Knit-In with Orange Purlers

Love knitting? Join us for the Wrap With Love Knitting season at Orange City Library.  Known as The Orange Purlers, the relaxed and friendly group welcome all interested people to join in knitting squares and sewing them together for Wrap With Love. Come along on Thursdays from 10.30am.

Stassi enjoyed reading aloud too

Read Aloud Day at Cowra Library

Visitors and the Cowra Library team enjoyed World Read Aloud Day.

Stassi enjoyed reading aloud too

Ann and library patron Annette

Ann and library patron Annette


Ann and Carol

Ann and Carol

Logo - World Read Aloud Day 2016 (Small)

Top Tips for Reading Aloud







It is World Read Aloud Day. Here’s our Top 6 tips for reading aloud:

1. Read the book beforehand to familiarise yourself with the story. Make notes of places you want to stop and ask questions.

2. Be animated! Change your voice during the read to match the expressions of the characters and emotions of the story, this will truly bring the text to life.

3. Use different voices for different characters so that children come to recognise dialogue within a text and individual character traits.

4. If your book has a lot of text, try a story walk instead of reading every word. A story walk is when you summarise what is happening on each page while pointing to the illustrations to help explain the action.

5. Ask questions out loud as you read. Ask listeners to predict what will happen next, how they would feel if they were in the story of the meaning of word that might be new. Limit your questions to one or two so they do not disrupt the flow of the story.

6. After you finish the story, have a conversation that focuses on connecting the text to the listeners’ lives and experiences.

Logo - World Read Aloud Day 2016 (Small)

World Read Aloud Day

It is World Read Aloud Day 24 February. Imagine a world where everyone can read. Celebrate World Read Aloud Day on behalf of the 793 million people who cannot read. Call into your local Library and read aloud with children, family and friends. Read aloud. Change the World. Visit for more information.