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Your Central West Libraries membership card will allow you to sign up for downloads of popular titles in a digital audio format. Click on the links below and follow the steps for each supplier.

BorrowBox, indyreads  and rbdigital have a  free app available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Find the app, download it, search for Central West Libraries, then use your membership number (and PIN if prompted) to log in.

Also check out the COVID-19 Specials page for extra titles for Children and Adults. hanks to TumbleBooks who are offering free access to their content during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Follow the links below and use the Username and password provided.  We thank them for their generosity of spirit.

Australian and international fiction and non-fiction in  eAudiobook formats. Includes fiction works for children and young adults.  Learn more




Choose and download eAudiobooks and magazines from the range of adult, children’s and young adult titles offered through RBDigital. Learn more


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Indyreads provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format. Learn more