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Indyreads Summer Book Club Online Author Talk

Chat online with author Amelia Mellor

Meet Amelia Mellor, the author of The Grandest Bookshop in the World, online in conversation with State Library of NSW Curator Sarah Morley on Wednesday 2 February  2022 at 6:30 pm.  

Register for free here. Download The Grandest Bookshop in the World from the indyreads app or online at https://indyreads.libraries.nsw.gov.au with your Central West Libraries card. 

Previous Online Author Talks

The Fiona McIntosh online author talk was the final event in the NSW Public Libraries Association free series. If you missed a talk, you can catch up anytime by clicking on the links below:

Fiona McIntosh

Catch up with author Fiona McIntosh here. Fiona talks about her latest historical adventure The Spy’s Wife.

Michael Connelly

Catch up with Michael Connelly here talking about his latest book The Dark Hours.

Costa Georgiadis

Enjoy Costa Georgiadis presenting Costa’s World here.  Gardening for the soul, the soil and the suburbs – from the beloved host of ABC TV’s Gardening Australia.

Matt Murphy

Did you miss Matt Murphy talking about Rum, A Distilled History of Colonial Australia? Enjoy watching the chat here.

Tom Keneally

Learn about Tom Keneally’s latest novel Corporal Hitler’s Pistol.  How did Corporal Hitler’s Luger from the First World War end up being the weapon that killed an IRA turncoat in Kempsey, NSW, in 1933? You can watch the talk here.

If you missed Judy Nunn presenting Showtime! – her latest book about comedy, tragedy and betrayal, then watch the online chat here. This bestselling novel takes us on a scintillating journey through the golden age of Australian showbusiness.

Did you miss Claire G Coleman presenting Lies Damned Lies? It was a fascinating conversation – did you all know that H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds was inspired by the British invasion of Australia? Watch the online chat here.