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Storytime at Home

with Fiona the Storyteller


Mum went to the shop to buy some gumboots, but she came home with a rabbit….

Gumboots the rabbit is soft and sweet, but he has a habit of escaping. One day he slips out the front door while mum is in the shower, and it takes a whole neighbourhood full of friends, family and helpful passersby to track him down.

This book is written and illustrated by Freya Blackwood, a celebrated creator of magical worlds, who we are lucky enough to call a local.

Watch Freya introduce us to her newest rabbit friend, and then sit back and enjoy as Fiona reads us The Great Rabbit Chase.

Storytime Activity

Can you make your own Rabbit Chase Board Game?

Print our Game Board and Game Pieces below and make your game any way you like.

If you don’t have a printer, you could draw your own game.

Happy Hopping!