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Storytime at Home 

with Fiona the Storyteller


Ivy is a kind little girl who loves to give gifts to everyone around her, but not all of the presents work out!

Listen to Fiona read this sweet story, written and illustrated by fantastic local author and illustrator, Freya Blackwood.



Storytime Craft – Mobile


Make a mobile out of things you already have at home. It can be tricky to balance the beams! How do you make them level? What happens if one side is heavier than the other?

In the video, Fiona is using paddle-pop sticks, pipe cleaners, and string.

If you don’t have paddle-pop sticks, you can use anything else that is long and thin and strong. Sticks from the garden, chopsticks and pencils will all work perfectly. If you don’t have any pipe-cleaners, you can hang drawings, leaves, or any other small objects you can tie on.