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Storytime at Home 

with Fiona the Storyteller

For far too long, koalas have been called bears.  Bears live in cottages in the woods, eat porridge or bamboo, have picnics and … wear pants!  This koala is not happy about it.  He is out to prove that he is BARE not A BEAR.  And the bears had better not get in his way!

Join Fiona as she reads Koala Bare by Jackie French; a wonderful and very funny look at the differences between koalas and bears.  Beautifully illustrated by Matt Shanks.  Published by Harper Collins.

 Storytime Activity

In Koala Bare we see bears enjoying a picnic (until Koala Bare turns up, anyway!). For our Storytime Activity, Fiona will be hosting her very own Teddy Bears’ Picnic.  Perhaps you can have a picnic at home?