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Member Code of Conduct

Central West Libraries is committed to provide a welcoming and safe environment. This code outlines the conduct we expect from clients and conforms to the conditions contained in the Library Regulation 2010.

The Code of Conduct is applicable to all users of all branches of Central West Libraries.

We ask you to:

  • Understand that our libraries are public spaces available to all in the community.
  • Treat fellow clients and library staff with respect and courtesy. Unsociable behaviour, including harassing clients or staff, is not acceptable.
  • Meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene or dress, in the interests of your health and safety and the interests of other clients using Library facilities.
  • Keep conversation and other noise to acceptable levels.
  • Understand that Library services, programs, activities and events limit our ability to always provide quiet spaces. We will provide advance notice of Library events and activities.
  • Be mindful of others when using mobile telephones or personal audio devices such as electronic games, pagers or CD players, personal computers etc in public areas.
  • Take care of library collections, equipment and furniture.
  • Ensure Library material is not hidden or deliberately misplaced.
  • Refrain from taking food or drink into identified areas.
  • Request permission from the Library officer in charge before moving any furniture or equipment and relocate them safely and place them back in their original position/s after use.
  • Not unplug any of the Library’s electrical equipment including computers and
  • When using your own equipment only use power points provided for this purpose and ensure that power cords do not create a trip or other hazards.
  • Keep personal items with you at all times. The Library cannot be responsible for your personal belongings.
  • Leave the Library when requested at closing time and during emergency procedures.
  • Inform Library staff promptly of any concerns you have relating to the behaviour of other clients.
  • Disruptive behaviour is not acceptable in our Library spaces.
  • The Library is a smoke free environment and smoking on Library premises is not permitted.


Clients who do not comply with the Library Regulation 2010 and the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the Library or may be excluded from the Library.

Central West Libraries promotes the safe, smart and responsible use of technology.