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Storytime at Home

with Fiona the Storyteller

Brooks and Mikey are dinosaur brother who always want to play with the same toys, at the same time. Whenever Mama hears them fighting, that’s it! That toy is Confiscated!

This book tells a hilarious tale that will be very familiar for siblings and parents alike.

Confiscated! is written and illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman, and published by Harper Collins.

Settle in and watch Fiona read this story in Orange’s beautiful Cook Park.

Storytime Activity

You can make a musical shaker at home, using bits and pieces that you already have. You can fill it with anything you have that will make a good sound – rice, paperclips, sand, whatever you like!

But if you have a brother or sister……. perhaps you’d better make two!

Download our colour-in shaker panel below, or use a piece of light card that you have at home, or an empty cardboard tube from the recycling bin.