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Storytime at Home

with Fiona the Storyteller

When is a box NOT a box?  Well, in the hands of a determined and adorable rabbit, THIS box is so much more!

Inspired by the author’s childhood memory of sitting with her sister in a cardboard box on their driveway.  In Not a Box Antoinette Portis captures the thrilling and limitless potential of a child’s imagination.

Written and illustrated by Antionette Portis.  Used with kind permission from HarperCollins.

Storytime Activity

In Not a Box we see that a simple cardboard box can become a mountain, a spaceship, a burning building and so many other things.  Watch our video and follow along with Fiona to make a Box Car.  You will need paper plates, string or rope, scissors, glue, a thick texta and, of course, a cardboard box!