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Storytime at Home 

with Fiona the Storyteller

Seagull loves to fly; she loves to hover and soar above the ocean and sand.  One day her foot becomes tangles in some old fishing line.  She can hardly walk, let alone fly.  Who will help free Seagull, so she can fly again?

Seagull is a beautiful tale of persistence, resilience and helping others.  It also a stark warning about the impact our throwaway culture has on the natural world.

Written by and illustrated by Danny Snell.  Used with kind permission from Working Title Press.

Storytime Craft

Bottle-top Mobile

Follow along with Fiona as she up-cycles old plastic lids and bottle tops into a beautiful mobile.

You will need:

  • plastic bottle tops and jar lids of various sizes
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • strong (PVA) glue