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Storytime at Home

with Fiona the Storyteller


Snail and Turtle have a lot of things in common; they both have shells, they both like long walks and they both appreciate quiet moments of contemplation.

Perhaps that is why they are such good friends.

However, Snail and Turtle, like all friends, also have their differences; Snail likes to paint swirls, Turtle likes splodges. Snail eats leaves, Turtle munches on flowers. The important thing is that they enjoy being together.

This simple story of friendship is perfect for the very young, however it will touch hearts of all ages.

Snail and Turtle Are Friends is written and illustrated by Stephen Michael King, and is published by Scholastic Australia.

Storytime Activity

Create your own board to tell a story, play a game, or both!

Colour in the printable Game Board, then add some of your favourite toys, perhaps a couple of dice, and you’ll have everything you need for an afternoon of fun.