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Storytime at Home 

with Fiona the Storyteller

This is the cow who was chewing her cud, as she went for a drink and got stuck in the mud…..

This rollicking rhyming tale from Kathryn Apel and Warren Crossett will have you giggling!

Written by Kathryn Apell and illustrated by Warren Crossett.  Used with kind permission from Lothian Hachette.

Storytime Activity

In This is the Mud! we see a cow get stuck in the muddy bottom of nearly-dry dam.  This isn’t fun for the cow, or for the people to first try to help her.  But mud can be fun to play with!  Have you ever made mud pies in the garden?  Perhaps you can try!

If you’d like some more activities to do, take a look at Kathryn Apel’s website.  There is a great printable colouring in page of the This in the Mud! book cover, some cow finger puppets and much more!