Monthly Archives: December 2008

Christmas Magazine Sale  10 cents each

The ultimate Christmas bargain can be found at the library. Looking for some holiday reading? Stock up on some useful magazines or a light read for yourself or a friend. Don't miss these 10 cent bargains. Orange City Library has a large table set up with stacks and stacks of magazines for everybody  Woodworker, Aeroplane, stacks of Australian Geographic and National Geographic, Wheels, Vogue Living, Dolly, Girlfriend, Arts and Australia, Computing just to name a few. Come in and browse (the stacks). Each magazine sells for 10 cents. What else can you buy for 10 cents? Besides lollies……..of course.

Classic Brideshead Revisited returns to TV

Remember watching this? With Lord and Lady Marchmain, Bridey, Sebastian, Julia, Cordelia and Charles. Brideshead Revisited was produced in 1981 and adapted from the book by Evelyn Waugh (1903  1966). The first episode saw Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons), a painter and Army captain return to Brideshead where he spent some time after meeting Lord Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews), son of the Marchmains, at Oxford. The 11-part British series explores themes of Christianity, aristocrats, college/university life, relationships, alcoholism and, as in the book, the demise of the British aristocracy between the wars. This adaptation won two Golden Globes and an Emmy and really is not to be missed. It screens on Sundays at 7.30pm on ABC 2 (the digital station where you need a set top box). And for more on Brideshead Revisited see the recent film starring Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode, Ben Wishaw and Hayley Atwell.

Australian Poetry Slam Champion is ......

ABC Radio news reports hip hop artist and poet Omar Musa from Queanbeyan has won this year's Australian Poetry Slam competition, held at Sydney Opera House last night. Poetry slam is a style of performed poetry which takes its influences from rap and hip hop. After the 18 state and territory finalists performed on topics such as going to the dentist and football, there was a tie between Omar Musa from Queanbeyan, south-east of Canberra, and Mark Lloyd from Western Australia. Mr Musa ultimately won the $5,000 prize. More than 600 people entered this year's competition, many with political themes such as the global financial crisis, war and women's rights. Regina Sutton from the State Library says there has been a resurgence of interest in poetry. “People are not only using their libraries more, reading more, they are really getting into poetry and great literature,” she said. Read more about Poetry Slam contestants

Not so secret mens business

Throughout December we are celebrating blokes @ your library. Are you male? Are you a member of Central West Libraries? Then our December promotion is just for you – please write your name and phone number on a ticket at the front desk at any of our Library branches to go in the draw to win a year's subscription to a family friendly bloke's magazine. Good Luck!