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Classic Brideshead Revisited returns to TV

By December 15, 2008No Comments

Remember watching this? With Lord and Lady Marchmain, Bridey, Sebastian, Julia, Cordelia and Charles. Brideshead Revisited was produced in 1981 and adapted from the book by Evelyn Waugh (1903  1966). The first episode saw Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons), a painter and Army captain return to Brideshead where he spent some time after meeting Lord Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews), son of the Marchmains, at Oxford. The 11-part British series explores themes of Christianity, aristocrats, college/university life, relationships, alcoholism and, as in the book, the demise of the British aristocracy between the wars. This adaptation won two Golden Globes and an Emmy and really is not to be missed. It screens on Sundays at 7.30pm on ABC 2 (the digital station where you need a set top box). And for more on Brideshead Revisited see the recent film starring Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode, Ben Wishaw and Hayley Atwell.