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Read to baby

When Should I Read to Children? Ten Minutes A Day Tip


When Should I Read?

*Make reading to your child part of your everyday routine.

*Bedtime stories provide not only a going-to-sleep routine, but promote security, comfort and love.

*Break up your day with stories. Read both inside and outside the house.

*Take a book along when you’re out. A story fills in the time while waiting and can calm a restless child.

Reading to child 4

What Age Should I Start? Ten Minutes a Day Tip

*A new baby will love being held and hearing your voice, so start as early as possible.

*By two months babies are able to distinguish patterns and respond to highly contrasting colours. This is the time to introduce bright, simple picture books.

*Once a child is able to sit unassisted allow them to handle books themselves.

*Most children go through a chewing and tearing phase.

*Allowing them to handle books at a young age will assist them to pass through this stage earlier.

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Why read to babies? Ten Minutes a Day Tip

There is a wealth of evidence to show that children can benefit from someone reading aloud to them:

*Books make a baby’s life more interesting and bring a variety to the way we communicate.

*Books enhance language development and develop a child’s imagination.

*Reading is fun and is a special bonding activity between a parent and child.

*Reading provides an easy way of talking to a child.

*Children that grow up in a book rich environment are more likely to associate reading with pleasure and to later become successful readers themselves.

Library Card

Remember Your Library Card During Computer Upgrade

Library Card

Remember your Library Card (Monday 2nd May, Tuesday 3rd May, Wednesday 4th May) when you visit any of our branches Blayney, Canowindra, Cowra, Forbes, Manildra, Molong and Orange. Our Library computer system is being upgraded and we won’t be able to record you borrowing items unless you have your card with you. So please bring your Library Card  – it will be essential.
Thank you.


Returned Soldiers Dinner April 1916 at Sydney Town Hall. Image courtesy State Library of NSW


Returned Soldiers Dinner April 1916 at Sydney Town Hall. Image courtesy State Library of NSW


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