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Are We There Yet? Final Set of Stories

Here is the final set of stories from our Are We There Yet? Holiday Writing Workshop inspired Alison Lester illustrations. Congrats to all involved and keep writing!

Writing in the sand

Writing in the sand

In the holidays I went to Tomakin. Tomakin is near Batemans Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales. First we packed our bags, my football and swimmers.  Then we had a long drive. I was always asking “are we there yet?” Then we finally got to Tomakin we unpacked quickly and went to the beach and had a swim. We drew our names in the sand then we went to our holiday home.  I was really hungry. Mum had made spaghetti
bolognaise. We still had five days of holidays left to enjoy. By Noah


Holiday Fireworks

Holiday Fireworks

One day me and my two sisters went to Sydney Harbour and we
saw fireworks and they were colourful and loud. By Mitchell, 7


Haunted House

Haunted Motel

At the Haunted Motel

It was in the school holidays and me and my mum were going to a haunted motel in Lithgow, on the 21st of May for a present for Mother’s Day.  “Today’s the day,” I
said.  “Today we are going to the haunted motel1” and on the way we will go to the rainforest and we would take a tour of the rainforest, take pictures of all the beautiful flowers. My Mum made me eat my breakfast quickly. “Hurry up,” she said, “we have to go soon.”

I finished my breakfast then I quickly had my shower thengot dressed, did my hair and brushed my teeth and packed my things into a suitcase then I put them in the car, then we were off.  Past the rushing cars, past the countryside, past the streams, over the bridge and then we were at the rainforest.  We took lots of pictures and then I said, “Are we there Mum?” “Almost, we just have to cross this next bridge up ahead of  us and then we will be there,” she said.

It was then, when we crossed the bridge, over we go up the  bridge, up the road and when we get to the top of this hill and down it we will  be there.  We went up then down the hill then we were there. “Finally!” I said. By Ruby, 8



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