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Words on a Plate (and BBQ Chook) with Mark Logan

By May 7, 2013No Comments
Mark Logon started the Orange Post Blog

Mark Logon started the Orange Post Blog

At our Words on a Plate event Mark Logan talked about photography and said before ‘truth in advertising’ food photography was full of tricks including varnish!! to help make food look shiny. Those days are gone (thankfully) and now the done thing is back-lit photography. He said most cookbooks have a distinctive style of photography which can be seen by flicking through any of the latest books. He talked about his love of growing vegies and the managing the differences in climate here, than in Sydney. He’s said goodbye to watermelons and hello tomatoes. He moved onto to explain his concept for the Orange Post which is welcoming contributions from a wide variety of writers – not just about food, but almost any topic you can think of… Most recently they reviewed coffees around the local area and coming soon with be a BBQ Chicken review (please vote!). It will include takeaways and home cooked. (Looking forward to that)….Check out the Orange Post for all things local and literary: