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Books on the Menu  Chicken and Coriander Balls

By April 16, 2010No Comments

Our Books on the Menu event for Orange F.O.O.D. Week was a busy night with more than 90 guests enjoying our local produce prepared by the dynamic Orange City Librarian Elizabeth Barry. While lots of people asked questions of our guest speakers  Geoff White  pie maker extraordinaire, Hanne Hoeless  Norwegian dinner party hostess, Scotsman and former chef Gordon Muir and gourmet food doyenne Kathy Snowball  we also had questions about one of the supper platters  the chicken and coriander balls with soy sauce (also featuring coriander). So because it is F.O.O.D. week and recipes are top of mind (did I mention our display of new cookbooks that are all ready to be borrowed) we cornered Elizabeth before she began official library duties today to share with you a recipe that will put you straight into “the great entertainer” category. The recipe book doesn't have a publication date but it looks well worn and much loved (a good sign) it is titled Picnics, Barbecues and Outdoor Entertaining by Better Homes and Gardens. This is listed as a recipe for a “Travellers Break by the Roadside”. Who are they kidding?  just make it for the fans at home:

500g chicken fillets, finely minced,
1 onion, finely chopped,