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From the Library Chute: Circa 1963

By March 3, 2014No Comments
Chess is for all, not just  royalty and nobility

Chess is for all, not just royalty and nobility

It is never too late to return a book! Sometimes the Library returns chute delivers a surprise like this 1963 gem last week titled Chess with the Masters by Martin Beheim and translated by Leonard Barden. It’s about chess strategy, historically important games and details about famous players. The opening  game is called “The Immortal” played in 1851 by Adolf Anderssen described as a classic example of a “tour de brilliance.”  The book is full of wonderfully descriptive writing such as “incarcerates the King with the gentlest of touches” or this: “quiet, defensive exchange sacrifice.” And the final chapter is genius titled “A Word for the Vanquished” about remembering those “left lying on the battlefield in the service of the goddess of chess” – (they are not losers but share in the win by providing the spark for the winning idea to take fire!). Thank you to our borrower for returning the book and check out our latest Chess books in the 794s…………………………..