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Library and Information Week – Think Outside the Book

By May 22, 2012No Comments
Library and Information Week - Think Outside the Book

Library and Information Week - Think Outside the Book

In May every year, libraries and information services throughout Australia showcase their many and varied resources and services. Library and Information Week provides the Australian community with:

* a chance to find out about the wide range of services which local public and school libraries offer;
* an opportunity to recognise the vital role which libraries and information agencies play for research and education;
* an opportunity to recognise the contribution of specialist libraries for the work outcomes in corporations, government departments, hospitals and other institutions;
* a chance to debate our information future and government approaches to it and to associated issues, such as equity of access to information;
* a chance to emphasise the significance of libraries in the maintenance of our history and culture at community and national levels;
* a chance to recognise the importance of library and information services as providers of services for people who due to personal disadvantages have no other alternatives for accessing and using information;
* an opportunity to think about the role which libraries play in our local community, work and personal life.

This year’s theme is Think Outside the Book – we do things that are more than just books:
*Music, DVD’s
*IT support
*Baby Rhyme and Read
*Music For Little Ears
*Drop-in Days for Writers
*Homework Help
*Your Tutor
*Education and training and more