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National Year of Reading Monthly Themes

By June 18, 20122 Comments
National Year of Reading Petals

National Year of Reading Petals

Just wanted to remind you. If you are looking for a new read try these monthly themes for ideas:

January : Amazing Read
February : Laugh
March : Think
April : Feel
May : Escape
June : Dream
July Discover
August : Question
September : Grow
October : Explore
November : Cry
December : Love2Read


  • Caroline says:

    Cowra Library has a special display stand to support the National Year of Reading themes. Call into the Library and check them out.During the month of June (Dream theme) many favourite Fairytales have been unearthed. At story time the children delighted in a rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The three little pigs. There was a lot of huffing and puffing done before the little ones left with some cleverly crafted paper bag bears.

  • Cowra Librarians says:

    Dream Recipe Book Club June 2012
    The Recipe Book Club met this very chilly morning at the toasty Cowra Library where we found that dreams can come true…
    We couldn’t actually toast our marshmallows (voted No 1useful fantasy food) due to fire restrictions in the building…but we did consume plenty.
    Looking for inspiration for a Dream Children’s Party? Try:
    Fairy Cloud Cake from
    Roald Dahl’s’ Even more revolting recipes -especially the Grobswitchy Cake on page 38.
    Table Magic by Tessa Evelegh pp120-123 for settings and Pastel meringues to dream for….p138
    In The new book of table settings by Chris Bryant we found the recipe for a successful autumn wine tasting.
    Della shared with us her dream food trip to the Hunter Valley on Mother’s Day (see and A Tiramisu recipe found in the July 2012 edition of Better Homes and Gardens.
    Also check out the March 2012 edition of Australian Country Style- “a place to dream “
    Our choice of book this month for dream recipes was Miette by Meg Ray.
    And our recommended read is Anyone can cook! A children’s story and cookbook by Joan van Loon.

    Don’t miss the next Cowra Recipe Book Club meeting on Wednesday August 15th at 11am: National Year of Reading theme – Question. Read Hints and tips and maybe solve recipe problems whilst having a questionable good time. Wonder what food will be on offer? Then just turn up.