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Orange Heritage Study Needs You

By November 25, 2010No Comments

Yes, we need you! The last Heritage Study was completed in 1986 and listed more than 700 items of importance. However, the definition of what constitutes heritage and attitudes towards development have changed substantially over the past 25 years. Some buildings thought to have had little to no heritage significance at the time of the 1986 study are now considered highly valuable. Items not listed in the current register but which have significant heritage value include the former Cabonne Council headquarters in Kite Street and the Lone Pine on Bathurst Road, the duration cottages in Glenroi,the P&O or boat houses and the Springside School. As people who live and work in our city we're sure that you will have some places to add and we would love to hear from you.
So what's the Library's role in this? We'll be supporting the project by undertaking research on the various sites. We're also hosting a huge map which will show all those places in the current study and inviting the community (which includes you!) to suggest other additions. We look forward to seeing you here to check it out and make your suggestions.