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Lively conversations abound in our Classics Book Club meetings especially while we have been discussing the Brontes and here are some comments on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte  a classic tale of heartache and mystery:

“it is about passion and obsessive love”

” the narration is good, really enjoyed it”

“Catherine had a good life and she wanted everything to herself”

“How could anyone love Heathcliff?”

“I call it “withering depths” and hated it at high school and still can't get past the first 20 pages”.

As you can see there is lots to talk about.

The next round of Classic Book Club meetings catch up with Charlotte Bronte on Tuesday 17 February at Blayney to discuss Vilette, Thursday 19 February Orange Day group to talk about The Professor, the Evening Group chat about Jane Eyre and the Cowra Day Group meet on Tuesday 24 February to discuss The Professor.