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So what does Spooks have to do with the Library? Well would you believe Rupert Penry-Jones (pictured front)starred as Captain Wentworth in a TV version of Jane Austen's Persuasion. And he of course, is the star of Spooks. See I told you it was possible. And besides we love a great story and they generally have quality spy stories with a modern day twist and even Harry's Diary has been published. The award-winning, edge-of-your-seat spy drama, Spooks, is back with another white-knuckle ride through the perilous world of deadly terrorists, international cover-ups and treacherous double-agents. During 10 hour-long episodes, Adam, Ros, Harry and the team are immersed in their most intricate operation to date as the complex relationship between the UK, Iran and the US is put under the spotlight…but who can really be trusted under this new world order? There is also the Spooks Interactive online game at Spooks begins Monday April 6 at 9.35pm, ABC1.