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Dear reader, a parcel arrived on my desk today addressed to The Jane Austen Book Club from author Steve Chandler postmarked Gilbert, Arizona, USA. In it contained the third book in the Two Guys series by Steve Chandler and Terrence Hill. This time two guys take on their biggest challenge yet  Jane Austen. The book blurb says follow their wild and often hilarious exchanges as they fly though Pride and Prejudice and the dark more complex Mansfield Park. Often veering off into the works of music, sports and history both of these accomplished writers draw upon their lifelong friendships and shared childhood memories to give dimension to their deeply personal responses to Jane Austen's writing. The introductory chapter is “What guy really wants to read Jane Austen?” and then you will find they encountered something they had not really expected. I'm chuckling away at the first few pages already and it is written as an exchange of letters  too clever. Jane would be amused and would certainly find a variety of reasons to recommend them.