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New Years' Resolutions

By January 6, 2010No Comments

Hands up if you made a New Year's Resolution (NYR). Keep your hand up if it was the same (or similar to) the one you made last year, and the year before, and the year before that! – I thought so, a sea of hands.

Don't feel special, research demonstrates that we tend to make the same resolutions year in, year out and at best we'll stay on the straight and narrow until Valentine's Day (aka Library Lovers Day – 14 February). Investigations into NYR's also show that our good intentions tend to fall into 4 main areas. This year why not let the Library help you achieve your goals. How?

“This is the year I'll get fit” – OK how many of you have said this? The Library has a wide range of resources to help you get motivated and stay that way. These include books, magazines and DVDs and cover areas such as exercise, diet and motivation. Worried that the Library staff will twig to your plan at check out time (they would never say anything to you, or anyone else, professional 'cone of silence)? Remember you can always use the self check.

“I'm going to learn something new” – Whatever the skill it's likely that we'll have something to help you; hobbies, languages, sports and pastimes we've got them covered. We're also a great place to pick up information about courses on offer in town as well as the programs we offer ourselves (eg internet, family history).

'Look out, I'm taking control of my life!” (why does this one sound soooo familiar to me?) – Whether you want to be more organised or take control of your finances check out what we have on offer. Remember too the fabulous range of online databases we subscribe to. You can access these from the Info @ Home button on our home page.

“I'm going to read more” – Are we the place for you! Step on up to see the great range of titles we've got on offer. These come in all formats including audio books and yes, we're exploring e-book readers for you (our first one arrived just before Christmas, we'll report back soon). Come along to one of our author talks, writing seminars or join in with our book discussion groups.

To you all a very Happy New Year, we look forward to working with you.