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Books on the Menu

Masterchef or Books on the Menu

By May 10, 2010No Comments

Could that be a blatant attempt to latch onto a top rating television show? Absolutely. But we have our own masterchefs in Orange and four of them featured at our Books on the Menu event during F.O.O.D. Week. And we are still getting thank yous  the latest from ….Janene of Byron Bay who enjoyed her time in Orange (thanks for the lovely card too). Here is what local pastry chef Geoff White (of Whitey's Pies on Sale fame) had to say about his favourite cookbook. His entertaining talk started off about promising the kids they would go to Disneyland once he sold the Mountain Teahouse – they ended up in Tennessee following Geoff's love of God, Country Music and Fried Chicken so of course he picked up Hillbilly Cookin with a choice recipe on how to cook a possum on a shovel (do not try that!). And he also showed the audience his tried and true recipe book from Ireland's Bakery that used by located at the fiveways. He still refers to it today. Geoff also talked about growing up near Mt Canobolas and trapping rabbits with his Dad and helping his Mum out in the kitchen. Thank you Geoff it was a great mix of past and present cooking adventures. Next you will hear from Hanne.