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Superheroes and Fairies at Storytime

By September 3, 2013No Comments

Georgia with Flower Fairy Fiona (Small) (2)

Georgia 3, with Fiona the Flower Fairy Storyteller;

Superheroes Oliver, Ky and William at Storytime (Small)

Oliver, 3 and half, Ky, 4 and William, 5 at Storytime;

Madison Wright  No 3 (Small)

Madison, 3 dressed as a fairy;

Super Lucas No 3 (Small) Super Lucas No 2 (Small)

And “Super Lucas”, 18 months dressed up at Storytime today.

Fairies and Superheroes rushed into the Library this morning for dress up Storytime.  There were Spidermen, Supermen, a “Super Lucas”, and lots of fairies dressed in tulle with wands and slippers with a few grown up “book fairies” helping out as well. The dress up theme continues all this week for Storytime sessions on Wednesday at 11am, Thursday at 11am and at 2pm. Please book your place by calling 6393 8132.