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The 2008 Banjo Paterson Writing Award Winners were announced today and they are:

Prose: Margaret Betts from VIC for Exposure, Greg McFarland of Orange for The Tractor, Neridah McMullin from VIC for Bart and the Underground Water Supply.
Open Poetry: Jo Mills from WA for Walyunga,
Jillian Pattinson from VIC for E H Holden and
Pamela Sherpa from Jindabyne for Drought.

Bush Poetry: Ron Stevens of Dubbo for Distant Dialogue.

Children's Writing Awards: Thomas Whitehead, of Orange, for his poem My Favourite Holiday, Eleanor Delaney, of Orange, for her poem Winter and Holly Fredericksen, of Orange, for her short story Bushed.

The Yvonne Zola Encouragement Award goes to Sarah Stackman of Lewis Ponds, for her poetry.