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Childrens Book Week Review – About a Girl

By August 24, 2011No Comments

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About a Girl by Joanne Horniman

Anna, the main character in Joanne Horniman's young adult novel, About a Girl moves from Canberra to the NSW north coast to escape some of the demons that haunt her. There she meets the mysterious Flynn and together they explore love, independence and test the bounds of their sexuality. This story of self discovery, self-acceptance and emerging friendships is handled with great understanding and rings true.

The characters are both believable and likeable and Horniman's descriptions capture the essence of Canberra and Lismore. This book is marketed at senior Secondary students and I would highly recommend it, I was engrossed from cover to cover.

Reviewed by Jan Richards

About a Girl was shortlisted in Older Readers section of the Childrens Book Council of Australia Awards. This section was won by author Sonya Hartnett for The Midnight Zoo and honours went to Cath Crowley for Graffiti Moon and Doug MacLeod for The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher. Congratulations to all.