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National Simultaneous Storytime 11am today

By May 26, 2010No Comments

Today's National Simultaneous Storytime and at 11am children (and adults) around the nation will be hearing the story of Little White Dogs Can't Jump (by Bruce Whatley and Rosie Smith) where Smudge and his family have got a problem to solve – Smudge's legs are so short that he can't jump into the car! One of the children in the family devises a series of ingenious ways of getting Smudge into the car, but none of them work. Finally, it is Mum who solves the problem. National Simultaneous Storytime is a campaign organised by the Australian Library and Information Association, in which a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously to children in a variety of venues around Australia. This campaign promotes the value of books and encourages young people to read, share books and become involved in other fun and engaging literary based activities.