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Speech Therapist gives talking tips at Storytime

Sometimes we need reminding about the things we can do to help stimulate children's learning and local Speech Therapist Susan Smith from Capable Kids did just that when she called into our 11am Storytime session today. Susan said lots of repetition was the way to help children learn and giving lots of positive praise for children when they are trying to say words was the best way to encourage them. Also follow their lead about what they are interested in such as trucks or toys or cars and when offering drinks or food give them choices  say milk or juice. Susan said it about getting children to use their communication skills and it gives them confidence. Susan also said looking at books and pictures helped children learn about words and making sounds. And her final tip for the morning was to have your child's hearing checked especially if they have had lots of colds. She said children are clever at covering up hearing concerns and can mimic sounds well by lip reading. Thank you Susan. And next Tuesday (11 May) come along to hear tips from an Occupational Therapist at 11am.