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Classics Read Power Without Glory by Frank Hardy

By May 24, 2011No Comments

Our Classics Group at Cowra enjoyed a great discussion today about Frank Hardy's controversial novel Power Without Glory (old book cover pictured) and urge anyone who has started reading the book to continue as they will be rewarded with an amazing story. It was also made into an ABC series featuring actor Martin Vaughan (pictured). In the history of Australian literature few books have been so controversial than Frank Hardy's Power Without Glory. This is a tale of corruption stretching from street corner SP bookmaking to the most influential men in the land – and the terrible personal cost of the power such corruption brings. John West rose from a Melbourne slum to dominate Australian politics with bribery, brutality and fear. His attractive wife and their children turned away from him in horror. Friends dropped away. At the peak of his power, surrounded by bootlickers, West faced a hate-filled nation – and the terrible loneliness of his life.
Was John West a real figure? For months during the post-war years, an Australian court heard evidence in a sensational libel action. After a national uproar which rocked the very foundations of the Commonwealth, Frank Hardy was acquitted.
This is the novel which provoked such intense uproar and debate across the nation. (Review from