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Cubs at Cowra

By May 12, 2011No Comments

There was some hectic after hours activity in Cowra Library on Tuesday night, 10 May, when Cowra Cub Scouts visited. Their mission was to earn their Literature Badge, which requires them to find out how a library works and to borrow six books. They then complete activities such as making a bookmark and re-writing the ending to one of the stories told in their books.

Twelve cubs, aged between 7 and 9 years were given a tour of the library. They were shown how to use the library's catalogue to locate a particular book, and how to borrow and return a book.

A discussion on how to care for books was also included. The Cubs were full of sensible ideas such as not leaving your books anywhere they may get wet, and not throwing them. Some of the more bizarre ideas (but still relevant) included not letting baby brothers and sisters chew or vomit on them.

The non-fiction section of the library was popular with the Cubs. They showed their eclectic tastes by choosing books on a variety of topics, comprising bushrangers, World War 1, cooking and jokes.

They enjoyed their visit and at the end of the night kept parents waiting who had come to collect them, while they continued to explore their favourite parts of the library. They left with a complementary library bag containing goodies as well as brochures and information about the library's services.