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Celebrating Our 500th Blog – today!

By August 16, 2011No Comments

If you thought today was an ordinary day, then prepare to be surprised! There are a multitude of reasons to celebrate – 500 in fact, as we mark this – our 500th Blog!

Yes, fanfare, music, applause, Mexican Waves (they're allowed in cyberspace) for this is a momentous occasion and we will bask in your lavish appreciation.

So a big thank you goes to our contributors, library patrons and community minded people who keep coming back to Central West Libraries and subscribe to our Blog.

And from the vaults we can tell you our top 3 most popular blogs have been about books and reading (drum roll please…..):

Coming in at number 3: not surprising we asked you about the hot topic ebooks. That generated a lot of hits.

The next most popular blog was: Library Lovers Day – awww! you romantic lot!

And finally the number one blog over the past 500 was our Classics Book Club discussing their ideas on what Heathcliff was really up to when he was away from Cathy and the moors (or maybe it was the photo of Timothy Dalton in period costume) anyway it has scored the most hits of all our blogs!

So here's to 500 more! Cheers!