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Drug Action Week and drug info @ your library

By June 25, 2009No Comments

Did you know that alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia? That alcohol kills more Australians under the age of 35 than any other drug? or, that the annual cost of alcohol-related absenteeism to the Australian economy is 7.5 million working days? This week is national Drug Action Week, we are highlighting our drug info @ your library resources. Drug info @ your library, a partnership between the State Library of NSW and NSW Health, provides access to the latest and most reliable information about alcohol and other drugs through a dedicated website and maintains, throughout NSW Public Libraries, collections of drug and alcohol books, pamphlets and fact sheets, designed to raise awareness of the harm caused by misuse and the enormous cost to the community.
In keeping with the Drug Action Week theme – Alcohol is a drug TOO! – the Library's display focuses on safe alcohol consumption and safe drinking practices. Come in and check it out.