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The Slap author Christos Tsiolkas on ABC TV

By September 27, 2011November 16th, 2011No Comments

The SlapWe told you when our Pageturners book club read The Slap, we told you when it won the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize, the Australian Book Industry Book of the Year award, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award, the ABA Book of the Year, and the Association for the Study of Australian Literature Gold Award. And we told you when it was being filmed for TV.

Well it’s almost here. It starts Thurs 6th Oct ABC TV at 8.30pm (see promo photo) and each episode is told from the point of view of a main character – just like each chapter in the book.Check out all about it on the ABC website:

In essence this is the story: at a suburban barbecue, a man slaps a child who is not his own. This event has a shocking ricochet effect on a group of people, mostly friends, who are directly or indirectly influenced by the event.

In the meantime you can see the author on ABC TV tonight Jennifer Byrne Presents: Christos Tsiolkas. His previous book titled Dead Europe, is being made into a feature film, and he’s just completed the first draft of his next novel. Don’t miss this candid and thoughtful interview with one of this country’s most important writers. Tonight 10pm ABC 1.