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Gordon Muir gets into the Groove at Books on the Menu

By May 12, 2010No Comments

First there was Madonna and Glee and now there's Gordon showing us how to get into the groove with mushrooms! Former chef Gordon Muir spoke in his thick Scottish brogue at Books on the Menu about his career in London and having to prepare pots of vegetables to be all exactly the same size or be threatened with starting again. He said he'd actually given a whole lot of his cookbooks away but could not be without the French Escoffier cookbook which is a tiny thin book but holds thousands of recipes  some only one line. For example it lists pages of variations for chicken  just vary the sauce. He also praised Stephanie Alexander's tome The Cook's Companion. Gordon deftly demonstrated how to groove a mushroom  it makes them look quite posh and Gordon did it so easily. He also talked of spending thousands of dollars buying fish per week when he worked at a resort, said he had tried to get rid of swearing in the kitchen but this was all undone when Gordon Ramsay came along and entertained the audience with a self penned poem about a chef's life.
Fantastic Gordon….can you do that mushroom groove thing again?