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ABC Local Radio runs Haiku – Floriade Competition

By September 13, 2011No Comments

Listen to ABC Local Radio for details about their Floriade Haiku Competition.

A “Haiku” is a short poem “that captures the essence of a brief, transient moment in one's life and the universe.”

Haiku is one of the oldest forms of poetry that started in Japan. Your challenge for this competition is to come up with the best choice of words to capture the essence of Spring.

Haiku poems follow a pattern. There are 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again the last line.

Here is an example:

Birds hatched and chirping

Trees and flowers are blooming

New life is now here

This one is written by Bailey on the Creative Writing Now website.

Listen to ABC Local Radio in the mornings for all the competition details and email your entries by Friday 16 September to [email protected] to be in the running for a great prize to Canberra's Floriade. Good Luck!