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CWL Zest Book Chain Reviews for Breath by Tim Winton

By September 27, 2010No Comments

And here are the CWL Zest Book Chain (On-line Book Club) reviews for Breath by Tim Winton.

About the book: Breath is a story about the wildness of youth – the lust for excitement and terror, the determination to be extraordinary, the wounds that heal and those that don't – and about learning to live with its passing. In his first novel for seven years, Tim Winton has achieved a new level of mastery. Breath confirms him as one of the world's finest storytellers, a writer of novels that are at the same time simple and profound, relentlessly gripping and deeply moving. Winner of the 2009 Miles Franklin Literary Award.

Zest 1: Love the writing, but I'm not sure about some things in the story. It was a bit full on with the paramedic side of things and all the hazards for two boys growing up and all the teenage angst. And the relationship with the hippie surfie Sando and his wife Eva was disturbing. Eva's character and relationship with Pikelet was a major concern. But all that aside it is a powerful tale of growing up and what impacts on your life and it is well written and describes the surfing life and need for thrills extremely well.

Zest 2: The book slowly draws you into an atmosphere that is hauntingly beautiful. A period that was less bound by rules with the coming of age, spiced with a naive optimism that has seemingly infinite possibilities. Youthful dreams slowly diminishing with reality of growing old, gently making us ordinary. Wistful nostalgia takes hold as an involuntary smile slowly creeps through….

Zest 3: A story about risktaking and recklessness and the effect it has on 4 people. A young teenager trying to fit in with the cool people, dabbling in and then trying to match up to their risktaking behaviours. It is about realising your own mortality and how this form of behaviour combined with personal problems can lead to disaster. Thank you to our Zest Book Chain bookclubbers! Great Reviews!