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More Short Stories from our Summer Read Writing Workshops

By February 1, 2011No Comments

Here are some more extracts from stories written by our Summer Read Writing Workshop participants:

The Fisherman by Toby

Once in a small river town lived a patient fisherman who sat in a little boat waiting to catch a fish. Although he never caught a fish he still waits in his boat and watches and waits. “What have I caught today?” said the fisherman. At the other side of the boat was a gold telescope which the fisherman looked through to see what was caught in the net. When he looked through the telescope he saw a small fish caught in his net. When he caught up to get it out of the net, it swam away. The fisherman sat down. He waited and said to himself “it swam away, but why”. The next morning the fisherman set out in the boat to catch a fish. The fisherman sat patiently in his boat then the fisherman's net started to move before the fisherman could gasp he had a caught a fish.

The Cat and the Wishing Tree by Aaron

Once upon a time a stray cat was prowling through the tall shrubs. It was a dark gloomy night, the cat could only see the stars. He went on and on until he saw a big tree with strange things hanging off it. Down the bottom of the tree was a faint carving in the wood. It read “The Wishing Tree”. It was getting late and he getting tired. He decided to sleep there. In the morning he had a better view of the tree. There was another sign, higher than the last one he spotted. It said eat the leaves to grant your wish.

Aaron has also written an environmental e-book