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Pageturners Read Water For Elephants

By October 21, 2010No Comments

The latest Pageturners read Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen is being made into a film starring Robert Pattinson (think Twilight) and Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde etc.)

Reese Witherspoon … Marlena Rosenbluth;
Robert Pattinson … Jacob Jankowski;
Christoph Waltz … August Rosenbluth;
Hal Holbrook … Jacob Jankowski (older);
Paul Schneider … Charlie;
Tim Guinee … Diamond Joe.

Pageturners book discussion group enjoyed the cleverly written book – it is two stories in one (and make sure you read the prologue) and it generated much discussion about old age, going to the circus as children, seeing Elephants, life during the US Depression and described as part love story, adventure, fairytale and a book of contrasts from the change in time to the characters. There was some criticism of the portrayal of mental illness but overall it was a good story that propelled you along to a satisfactory ending.

Sara Gruen is an award-winning technical writer and a transplanted Canadian who moved to the States in 1999 for a technical writing job. Two years later she got laid off, and instead of looking for another job, she decided to take a gamble on writing fiction full-time. Fortunately, the gamble paid off. Her dream is to spend her life facedown in the ocean, coming up just long enough to eat a piece of fish, write a chapter, and go back in the water.