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Find the following items: you should be able to find most things around your home and yard.  If you don’t have an item you can draw it, or make it: out of Lego, plasticine, playdough – whatever works!

Email a photo of your items to us to [email protected]

Include your:

➥  Avatar image (less than 1Mb in size)
➥  Library member number
➥  First name or nickname

You will be placed on the Scavenger hunt leaderboard

  • Your favourite toy 
  • A book you loved when you were really little 
  • The book you are reading now 
  • A bookmark 
  • An autumn leaf 
  • A pencil or crayon rubbing you made with that autumn leaf 
  • Now that you know how to do crayon rubbings, do one with a really interesting surface 
  • The flattened foil wrapper from an old Easter egg, or a wrapper from another delicious snack 
  • A paper aeroplane  
  • A smooth stone  
  • A wooden spoon 
  • The tea bag from a cup of tea you made for someone at your house.  (Don’t give it to the Chook, like Ivy does in our Storytime video by Freya Blackwood,  “Ivy loves to give”) 
  • A hairbrush 
  • An old sock 
  • Your hat 
  • A five cent piece 
  • Some money that is not Australian legal tender 
  • A piece of origami you made yourself 
  • The Ace of Hearts from a set of playing cards 
  • An envelope that has in it a letter you have written to someone you can’t visit at the moment