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Top Ten Reasons to Sew for Wrap with Love

By August 22, 2013No Comments

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It has  just ticked over to 5 degrees but it still feels like minus three, so here are our tips for keeping warm and supporting a worthy charity at the same time. Help us sew knitted squares together for Wrap with Love – yes we still need help and bags of knitted squares can be collected from the front desk at Orange City Library and returned by August 29th (that’s a week away).

1. It will keep your lap warm while you are sewing

2. It will keep your fingers nimble

3. You will feel an inner glow for helping a charity

4. It will keep your lap warm

5. It will keep you busy

6. You can listen to an audio book at the same time

7. It will keep your legs warm

8. You know your rug will help others in need

9. It will keep you WARM!

10. And you are invited to our thank you morning tea for all our knitting and sewing volunteers on Thursday 29th August at 11am.