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Apple Festival Welcomes Gastronomer Talking Recipes

By May 8, 2014No Comments
Share your apple recipes

Share your apple recipes

Orange Apple Fest (9th – 11th May) welcomes Jacqui Newling, resident gastronomer at Sydney Living Museums / curator of Sydney Living Museums’ Eat your history programs. Jacqui explores our food heritage through old menus, cookbooks and heirloom recipes, and as ‘the cook’ in The Cook and the Curator blog, revives ‘lost’ foods, tastes and techniques. ([email protected]/cook).

Join Jacqui at Orange Farmer’s Market  to rediscover forgotten favourites and share your family’s heirloom apple recipes on Saturday 10th May from 10am (15 mins  talk). Jacqui will also talk about older style recipes such as apple charlotte, apple snow, apple puddings and apples as a savoury ingredient.

At 11am (15 mins talk) : Share your old recipes / stories from childhood / grandmothers’ cooking.

From 11.30am (15 mins talk) Discover  gastronomy in the Villages of the Heart project  as  food reflects society and recognise the importance of simpler cooking, more sustainable approach to cooking, including back-to-basics kinds of dishes. Enjoy!