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Banjo Paterson Writing Awards Winners

By July 24, 2017No Comments


Amy Robinson, Deputy Mayor Cr Jason Hamling and Toby Johnston

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Banjo Paterson Writing Awards. Thank you to all who entered this year’s competition.

The winners of the short story section are:

  1. Movement at the station by John Scholz, Willonga SA
  2. Quiet Child by Carmel Lillis, Yarraville VIC
  3. Discriminating Judgement by Ruth McConnell, Chapman ACT

The winners of the Open Poetry section are:

  1. The Little Explorer’s Diary by Margaret Bradstock, Coogee NSW
  2. Romeo and Juliet by Peter O’Shaughnessey, Eaton WA
  3. The Tree of Antiquity by Jacqui Merckenschlager, Murray Bridge SA

The winners of the Bush Poetry section are:

1.The Novice and the Bard by Max Merckenschlager, Murray Bridge SA

2. Willy Wally Gully by Will Moody, Bellingen NSW

3. The Race Napoleon Won by Elizabeth Egan, Crookwell NSW

ABC Children’s Writing Awards:

  1. Arcane Intellect by Toby Johnston, Orange NSW
  2. Adieu, Thirteen by Celine Ng, Winthrop WA
  3. A Cat’s Secret by Amy Robinson, Orange, NSW