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Giant Scrabble Entertains – Little Words Big Letters

By July 9, 2014No Comments
Matthew, Conlan, Ryan, Will and Andrew

Winning wordsmiths: Matthew, Conlan, Ryan, Will and Andrew

A discussion about giant stories, giant buildings, giant books, and big things like the big banana, big pineapple, Uluru had everyone thinking big for the game of giant scrabble. Teams called  No 1 Team, Boys, Scrabblers and Lovehearts spent the morning creating words and trying to score points with the letters they chose from the giant stash. There were lots of inspired words with plenty of helpers ( Libray staff ) offering suggestions and scorers (parents) keeping an eye on the tally. Congratulations to everyone who took part. We still have our giant scrabble and giant draughts in the Library if you would like to give it a go………


Thinking big.



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