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HSC English Ext 2: Nail Your Concept Seminar at NSW Writers’ Centre – Free places on offer

By October 22, 2013No Comments


The NSW Writers’ Centre has 5 free places for public school students from Orange.  Please contact the Program Officer Portia Lindsay on  02 9555 9757.

Who: Anna Maria Dell’oso  When: Saturday 26 October, 10am – 4pm  Cost: $55

This one-day seminar takes a practical look at creativity: how do writers generate their ideas? It is designed to assist students to find, explore, clarify and commit to the concepts that will drive their Major Work.   The ‘germinal idea’ is the foundation of an original text, so it’s worth devoting time to getting it right. We will look at how to fish in the pool of ideas: what role does curiosity, research and ‘beginners’ mind’ play in generating inspiration? How do you grow and store ideas? Which idea is ‘best’ and how to commit to a story-path? How do you translate the ‘theory-inspired’ broad concepts from your English studies into ‘event-driven’ ideas that will work on the page?   We will consider how to make the most of your Process Journal, the strengths and weaknesses of various writing temperaments, the ten elements that must be included in a rough plan and the role of practical aids like the step-outline and the story-board in refining the germinal idea.   By the end of the seminar, students will have a clearer, practical and more succinct concept of what they will write for their Major Work.   Students should come prepared to do experimental writing. A firm idea of your Major Work is not essential but an open mind is highly recommended.